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Are You Sick And Tired Of The Following?

  • Constant tiredness, chronic pain or discomfort affecting your daily life
  • Attending countless hospital or Doctor's appointments that don't address the issue
  • Taking painkillers and endless prescription medicine in the absence of a more natural solution
  • ​Trying everything to improve your health but not making any real progress
  • Doing every test under the sun but still no closer to understanding the WHY behind your What

There's no need to suffer in silence anymore.

Embrace a revolutionary new approach to cutting-edge wellbeing, with natural solutions and personalized care that goes beyond the symptoms. Your journey to long lasting wellness starts here.

Which Of The Following Best Describes You?

  • You have a 'Zest For Life' and want to find more energy to enjoy life
  • ​You want to optimise your overall health and well-being
  • You want to identify potential health risks and areas for improvement
  • ​You're looking for personalised recommendations from an expert with strategies to enhance your health
  • Y​ou simply can't afford to procrastinate any longer with finding a solution
  • You want to feel young again and live your life without limits!

Discover a fast-track route to a healthier, happier you with our holistic approach to well-being. guiding you towards the root cause for clarity, lasting relief and a life filled with vitality.

As Featured On 'Supersize Kids' On Channel 4 And SKY TV

Meet Erran Warden (aka The Juice Doctor), Clinical Nutritionist, Natural Health Researcher, Professional Sports Coach, Detox Specialist, & Functional Health Practitioner. He is a Social Entrepreneur, Humanitarian, CEO and Founder of Vivo Nutrients, Go Detox and MI Healthcare Group.

Mi Healthcare provides natural health solutions, including personalised nutrition and Lifestyle Change Programs based on Naturopathy, Diet and the Integrated Functional Medicine approach.

Erran is a fervent advocate of health, dedicated to empowering individuals with knowledge and helping them attain optimal well-being for a life of freedom.

He firmly believes in putting your health in your own hands, equipping you with the essential tools, knowledge, and comprehension to live a life free from illness. With expertise in Detoxification, Lifestyle Change, and the application of ancient natural health principles, Erran is here to assist you triumph over long-standing health issues, weight problems, and other health concerns.

Erran's approach cuts through uncertainty by thoroughly examining all aspects of your health and lifestyle, utilizing advanced bio-communication technologies to pinpoint root issues and imbalances. Say goodbye to guesswork and welcome precise informed insights that provide clarity.

Erran Takes 26 Stone Teen On An Emotional Rollercoaster Of Diet & Exercise to Shed 3 Stone!

Once a full understanding is obtained, nature's finest organic ingredients are employed to create an inner environment conducive to accelerated wellbeing from within.

Erran’s vision of promoting Freedom Through Wellbeing is supported by his mission to create 1 million health ambassadors worldwide by 2025. Altruistic initiatives include 'Giving Back' to support the homeless and grass root projects, positively impacting and changing the lives of individuals, marginalised communities and empowering vulnerable women worldwide. See charitable projects below

Losing up to half a stone or eliminating Chronic Back Pain in days, sometimes minutes, is a regular occurrence as can be seen from our testimonials!

Elaine lost half a stone & Eliminated her Chronic Back Pain & Sciatica in under a week wihout exercise/ dieting!

Keynote Motivational Speaker and busy Entrepreneur Claudine, effortlessly achieved 8lbs weight loss in 7 days!

Margaret eliminated excrutiating chronic back pain, and was ready to go jogging after just 45 mins in our new State of the arts Pain Clinic!

Joanna went from being doubled over in pain, crutches and insomnia to being pain free and 1 stone lighter in just 21 Days on the Tier 1 Detox & Lifestyle Change Program

See Amazing Transformations! Diabetes, Hypertension, & Chronic Skin Condition Reversed in under 30 Days!!

See Kens Amazing Before & After Transformation After Just 30 Days!!

72 year old all but lost hope, after suffering night and day with chronic itching from head to toe

Ken lost a Stone & brought his Diabetes, Blood Pressure & Weight under Control in a matter of weeks following the Mi Healthcare Detox & Lifestyle Change Program

Dudley was skeptical but relieved to discover the root cause behind his condition. He lost 2 stone, stopped itching and cleared the rashes from his head, body and hands within 21 days!

But Wait - There’s More!

Check Out Even More Success Stories

Andy Hunter – Ex Special Forces Soldier Increased his Energy, Eliminated Brain Fog & Improved his Sleep

Matthew Was Blown Away By His Body MOT Scan. Chest Pain of 16 Months Disappears After 3 Days on The Plan

Shreen...Stroke Survivor x2

Lost 1.5 Stone With GO Detox Reboot Program.

Andrea...Life Transformed

Lose Weight, Less Cellulite & Better Looking Skin

Hear from several clients that can now resist their ‘Guilty Pleasure’ or food item their 'Sugar Cravings' would NOT allow them to resist before!

Hear how 4 clients overcame Gout, Hot Flushes, Chronic Lung Disease & More following our Tier 1 Detox & Lifestyle Change Program

Giving Back! See

Some Of Our Charitable Projects

Supporting Communities, Empowering Vulnerable Women Through Charitable Projects In E. Central Africa

Juice Dr. Supports Genocide Survivors Through Charitable Projects in Central Africa

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The Non-invasive Body MOT Health Scan assists in providing detailed insights into the state of all organs and body systems, with an instant report that highlights specific areas requiring further attention. It also makes recommendations on what interventions may be useful to bring those areas back into balance.

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We coach all our clients through their challenges, their fears, and their overwhelm to succeed with improving their health.

However, each of us is unique.

Therefore you should expect your results to be unique too.

Please do not book a Body MOT Health Scan appointment if you’re looking to repeat the success of a specific client story.

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